written Sept 2018

Hi everyone, welcome back from your summer shenanigans. I know you’ll be getting ready for school start if you’re a parent.

Looks like the studio we practiced in has shut.

So I thought it might be a good idea to mix things up a bit.

I’m still going to run classes but not always movement based. I’m going to run them from home and we can go outside onto the lawns if the weather permits or use the space I have inside. The intention is purely about calming the nervous system and using techniques I’ve learnt over the last 23 years to soothe your being.

I can’t call them yoga lessons as such because everyone thinks of movement and I want to incorporate techniques such as massage, breath, meditation and much more.

Smorgasbord is probably the best word. But very carefully selected to bring you the utmost peace. Sometimes you might just be lying down. Breathing. In a particular way.

So if this sounds delightful to your being and you’re up for trusting my guidance in something a little bit different then join me every Tuesday at 930am at my home.

PM me if you don’t know where I live.

Anyone with class cards can still use those from last term.

New cards: you can buy 4 or 6 class passes. A block of 4 = £40. A block of 6 = £54.

Drop in is £12 per class.

We will start next week and classes will last about an hour.


I teach classes via the online site Movement for Modern Life. Enjoy a variety of classes and check out other great UK teachers. You get a free 14 day trial when you sign up. Click via this link and pop in WINTERSALE16 at checkout to get 50% off of a subscription. Movement For Modern Life.

PRIVATE GROUPS or individuals

Great if:-

  • You have a group of friends keen to learn together or you want to work with a specific condition

  • Perfect for hotels,  venues and spas that have guests visiting and would like a yoga class during their stay

  • Want to get cues from others (but of course you're so into your own practice you dont really notice the others)

  • Love the energy of a group class

  • Want a cheaper option to private lessons