You are invited to join me next week for a 7 day deep dive inwards. Vol 1 begins 30th September. It is a held journey so once it begins, no one else can join until Vol 2.

The experience is about journeying through the 7 directions to use them as a map for your life and to find your medicine and what you need right now. Each day you’ll receive the lessons in the form of emails, one a day to explore the 7 directions - you can think of them as archetypes to explore the regions of your life.

The journey will have audio, words and journaling prompts and anything else that comes through.

I will share some of the medicine I have been receiving in the past years and it doesn't fit one particular path.

I've called it Soul Dives because this isn't about me teaching you anything - it's about me using the tools in order for you to find your own medicine, to explore the caverns of your being in order to find the magic, the mysteries, the gifts.

I recommend trying to do it next week alongside everyone else in the circle but that may not work out - you'll still have the content to do at your leisure.

Remember, this is about discovering your own medicine, so check in with what it is you need.

I look forward to journeying together. We are diving into the unknown, trusting the great mystery and looking to find magic and medicine within.

I truly believe this is the power of our times, intimacy with ourselves - raising our vibrations to one of love and discovering that which needs to be released to push through old destructive patterns.

You will all have different journeys, that is the point, this is non-linear and I can't wait to have you on this exploration.

You'll need a notebook, a pen and a candle to set the sacred space of your experience.

Exchange: £33