5 Day Email Course

Who's it for? anyone feeling a bit discombobulated, a bit curious about what daily practices can be or if you feel like you have no idea who you are or what you want anymore, you're probably feeling a bit 'meh' and you'll be feeling so caught up in all your roles and demands as a being that you're not even sure what. this will bring you back into a place of living that makes you feel vibrant, excited to get out of bed and passionate about living.

What is it? a 5 day course on simple daily rituals and practices that you can work with to feel connected to what you want and how you're gonna do it

Why is it great? because we have so much information thrown at us day to day and so many demands. when do you actually stop and think 'what do I want?' When we start our days checking in with ourselves first, it helps others know how to treat us, we know what is important to us and it stops us being pulled from pillar to post by everyone else's demands.  This stuff makes you steadier, fact.

How will it work? you can start it at any time - you will get different ideas on what you can bring into your morning practices, you don't have to do them all but it'll give you a chance to play with what suits you.

When's it launching? It's ready to go as soon as you sign up

How much is it? £20

Payment: Please pay using the link below. Don't forget to include your email.

The first practice will then be sent to you.

Simple Daily Practices
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Embrace your Essence - A Journey into Steadiness - starts 12th November

May we all slow down and notice the colours, our breath.

May we all slow down to consciously enjoy our lives and not run on a list of things to do.

May we all enjoy our lives from a state of receptivity instead of reaction.

May you enjoy this course with its intention to slow you down and steady your being.

Steadiness doesn't sound all too romantic does it?

But in our day and age, it's one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

The untold revelations that occur when you remember how to slow down and give your nerves a rest.

This is about retraining yourself how to live life on your terms and not in reactivity.

It is a great gift for all humans.

STARTING 12th November - launching with a call on Monday 12th November at 8pm. Then every Monday, we will have a call (yes, it’ll be recorded although I strongly invite you to be present to the live call).

This is about stripping things back, shedding what is no longer needed and remembering how to live from a place of steadiness. Simple pleasures, rest, joyful guidance and a sincere wish that you remember who you are beyond conditioning.

With weekly calls and invitations to enjoy the methods provided to soak up rest, enjoyment and steadiness.

Each week has a theme.

  1. Vision

  2. Connection

  3. Alignment

  4. Energy

  5. Balance

  6. Gratitude

Earlybird until 2nd November is £95

After is £195