It feels like my whole life has been dedicated to the spiritual path, every day is a chance to grow, to learn and to uplevel my experience. That means facing the scaredy cat, the grief, the reluctant one and all those bits I’d rather shy away from. It means offering great thanks to all that is around me for this experience, especially Mother Earth and her nature, to her I humbly bow.

All the gatherings I offer are a gift for your body, mind and spirit. From the physical to the spiritual, there is something in all I do for it all. I see myself as a provider to help you recognise your own magnificence. Someone who knows what it means to burn out, to be addicted, to have gone through the dark night of the soul and to see that we all have the right to be here and to upgrade our experiences.

My greatest passions are my offerings: whether it be in the form of sound (wow! this has blown me away), movement (thank you for always being in my life), breath (dude, seriously, I cannot live without you), writing (I never knew you could take me so deep), meditation (peace out), and deep relaxation (ommmmm).

Join me in smaller gatherings at my home where I truly believe we need healing for connection, these gatherings are filled with sweetness and you’ll need to bring your own cushions and blankets as I guide you in sound, sometimes writing, always relaxation and tea.

 I do host larger circles from time to time when Spirit calls, these take place in the woods or a home. It always changes. A great journey in Trust.

If you’d like me to host a gathering for you, is where you’ll find me.

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