I have run my own health/wellbeing businesses for over 20 years. I've seen the pitfalls, I've learnt the hard way and I know how to guide you in your next steps.

If you want to be advised by me or have a chat over the phone or skype to get a plan in place? Here are your options. You can always just ping me an email and we have a quick chat to see if we're a fit.





::  One off chat::

* Wanna pick my brain with all your wellness business questions?

* Need some advice on yoga retreats, teacher trainings or help with your yoga teaching or business?

* Would you like me to guide you in a healing lesson?

Let’s meet up over Skype and you can ask away.

investment is £250

::  3 month Boost Your Life Package ::

These sessions will get you feeling clear, motivated, empowered and ready for action.

They will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. They help you get focused and organised.

Self-care is a biggie in what I teach. Once you become friends with your inner world, everything else falls into place. I want you to learn how to become your own best friend. It's the most beautiful loving relationship and so much transforms when you realise this.

This process will cut through the layers of resistance, stress and doubt so you can shine brightly, feel joyful and in love with your life.

Over the three months (this is not a quick fix option, change takes time to implement), we will create a fantastic array of lifestyle options for you to start feeling vibrant and alive. You will had homework to do. And believe me this stuff doesn't feel boring, you'll feel enlivened and excited watching how this homework starts to change your life.

Through movement, relaxation, meditation and self-care practices you will shine brightly, so much that people will be commenting on how great you look. And you will feel awesome!

This is a special course designed to get you falling in love with life again. You'll feel empowered, radiant and ready to take on anything.

::  What's included? ::

*6 sessions // 2 calls a month to get you on track, accountable and focused. clear, motivated, empowered and ready for action

* Unlimited email support // for the times when you need a bit of inspiration, motivation or a boost.

* All the resources you need to help you on your way.

* A personalised, totally do-able plan to help you feeling sparkly and brilliant in no time.

* Plus, a bonus 30-minute follow-up session within 3 months of completing your program.

* Includes a free 20 minute no-obligation chat about the course to find out more

Investment = £1088