Hi, I'm Kirsty, great to have you here. I've been in the health & wellbeing arena for over half my life.

I use the tagline 'embrace your essence' because that's what I believe is our key to living a full life.

When we are connected to our hearts desire, our intuition guides us where we need to go, we are living our lives for ourselves instead of for others.

When we are connected we are able to hear our inner guidance. There are many gateways into our essence - for me, yoga, meditation, essential oils, writing and movement connects me to that spot.

I'd say my main interest, currently, is in energetics and how we can fine tune our resonance and coherence.  In looking after our energetic field, (who we spend time with, how we spend our time and what we put in our bodies), we can tune our instrument to be of the highest vibration, This heals those around us, as we heal ourselves. Our capacity to stay awake is key. 

I teach people the potency of essential oils, living naturally, using breath, movement, meditation and relaxation as effective tools to realising the infinite possibilities available. 

All I produce is with the aim of promoting that inner connection. 

Featured in

I teach online at Movement for Modern Life. I have a series of free yoga videos on Healthista.

I write for magazines, blogs, websites. Some include Teach.Yoga, Elephant Journal, Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine. 

I teach at wellbeing shows like Om Yoga Show, Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Spirit and International Yoga Day.