What they say

The moment I met Kirsty I knew she would figure quite prominently in my life. I was ready for a change – I didn’t know how or what – but I knew she was instrumental in me taking steps towards that change. I’d tried various styles of yoga but I never. quite. got. it. Until I stepped onto my mat and Kirsty guided us through a style of yoga which seemed to have been created uniquely for me. She has this wonderful mix of mischievousness, serenity and grace; her focus is not just about the physical body, that opening the heart and listening to your body is fundamental to a happy and life. No class is ever the same – hurrah! – she feels the energy of her class and adapts it accordingly. For me, Kirsty is an inspiration.


Kirsty is an incredible teacher - her warmth and passion for yoga shine through and her gentle and truthful approach makes for peaceful yet challenging classes. She teaches in a way to make everyone feel confident in themselves, to feel nurtured and connected. She has a way of bringing a group together to bring out a powerful and enriching energy. 

-Anya Richardson - Event Co-ordinator at Old Ship Hotel

It was my first yoga retreat. Debuts are always important since they have such an impact on how someone takes a hold of something or lets it go. Because of you I plan to spend more time with yoga, nature in England and my own health. I have also come to regard the people that participated in these events as a group that I would like to have more exposure to, moving me away from the business grind and all that it represents. I have no advice on how you could have made it better. It really was perfect.


An amazing experience. The sessions were fantastic. The headstand was something I've never tried before and I pushed myself to the limit. During shakey shakey I learnt that I need to let go of my inhibitions, maybe next time that will work for me!! Your calming presence and strong positive energy shines through into your classes and has left me feeling alive!! Thank you Kirsty.


You should be proud of having organised such a great weekend - everything was great, the friendly emails, the welcome and the varied and challenging classes and the awesome place that you managed to find. It is no surprise that with these ingredients the group gelled to create such a special weekend. Thank you for re-awakening me to the joy of yoga.


I've really enjoyed the weekend and hoping that you can organise another one soon! The practices have been great, pitched at the perfect level. Great balance between dynamic and still postures. Really enjoyed the Kundalini meditation. My only regret is that it's over. Thank you.

-Jemma x

I'm so glad that we were able to spend the weekend with you, such a perfect setting and great company. I love your style of yoga and its given me the motivation and inspiration (which had disappeared for a while) that yoga is the best thing for me. Again I loved the food which I think we all did. I look forward to spending another weekend/week with you.

-Vicky x

Thank you for a truly exciting and liberating experience. The 'Kirsty Effect' has spoilt us. Sophie says you are the best yoga teacher she has experienced (and she does a lot).

-Debbi Mason - ex fashion editor of Vogue, Founder of Elle Magazine

I arrived at 5'4” - Now I am nearly 7'6” and can destroy tall buildings with the merest glimpse. I thank you Kirsty. 

-David Freud – artist

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. You have a wonderful way about you and I enjoyed your classes so much. You perfected a blend of fulfilling, inspiring, enduring and relaxing yoga! Wonderful! My body is tingling and feels amazing... You are also a great host!!!! I feel so lucky that we had such a great bunch of people. Love you and thank you.

-Mel x

Really enjoyed the sessions, felt energised but slightly sore. You really worked our bodies - very beneficial - it was good to do so many poses. I hope I can remember them when I get home! Many thanks Kirsty - what a wonderful relaxing weekend.


I would strongly recommend her class to anyone interested in yoga. She is a great instructor and is incredibly patient and kind. She is the most welcoming teacher I've ever had and really listens to her students. Kirsty really focuses on appreciating your own body, and where you are at in this moment. I never once felt pressured or not good enough in any of her classes and from my initial classes with her I have continued to practice yoga daily and love it more and more by the second. Thanks Kirsty for introducing me to the world of yoga- here's hoping one day I can be good enough to teach it too!

-Kate Polansky - Head of International Sales at Fever Designs

Kirsty, a big thanks for your patience, adaptability and for such excellent yoga teaching, I found the classes challenging and inspirational, and think you have a wonderful voice which is great to listen to in class.