Money Talks

Format: There are 4 lessons. You will have a video in each of the workshops and for some of them meditations as well. The first time I ran this course, I did it in a 4 week format but you can decide what pace you want to do it at.

Schedule: I recommend doing these either over 4 days (these can be paced as one day after another or every 2 days) or 4 weeks. You know yourself best, if you think you’d lose interest if you did it over the longer period then do it over the shorter period. You need to only set aside about an hour or two each day if you’re doing it like that. If you decide you’d prefer to dive in deeper and will commit to the 4 weeks, then choose that option. I’d say the first video has more groundwork to do so spend a little bit more time on that. Don’t move to the next step until you’ve done the one you are on.

Tools: I recommend you collect your notes in one place so a notebook is useful. Earphones will be useful for the meditations (but not essential). You don't need anything extra for this course although I will make some suggestions for books and resources and it is up to you if you want to look at them.

Note: Working with money can bring up emotions, if this happens for you, I recommend getting the support of a friend, a professional or a 12 step program (it’s free therapy so no excuses that you can’t afford a counsellor). You are to take full responsibility for your own money issues and know that this isn't a counselling course but that whatever comes up, there is a support available to you.

Exchange:: £33 - sign up by clicking that button over there on the right

This course was designed from my own experience through the money limitations and stories I used to have. I’ve made all the mistakes, learnt the hard way and then realised it was really myself getting in the way all along. Money wasn’t the enemy.

It got to a point where I finally got fed up of how I was letting it run my life and how my skewed relationship to it needed to change. I’d spent years ‘getting it wrong’ and as I started to implement the deeper work that was needed (yep, it goes deep), I started to get it right,

I tried many ways, had mentors, done courses, read books and implemented all the practical things I’d found. So with this course, I have bought together all the useful bits I’ve picked up along the way. I created it to help you unravel your money stories/blocks, in order to recognise patterns and to learn practical ways to shift money ruts. We all really truly can unravel ourselves from financial pickles.

What this isn't is a solution to all problems, I cannot promise to make you debt free in 4 weeks! BUT if you put your presence into this course though, you'll be able to get a clearer lens on what is happening for you, see the patterns, implement practical steps so you have clarity and know what steps to take next. This offers great emotional freedom because with clarity you get wisdom.

We often give money an extraordinary amount of power. Let's have some fun breaking that in order to change your relationship to it to be more joyous and so you feel more expansive around it. This course includes information around language, stories, practical steps and some great advice. One thing I would say is we often make things harder than they need to be and once we realise our patterns or how much power we are giving money, we can make changes

In the end, money is an energy, an exchange.

Feedback from previous participants: “Woah- just done my incomings and outgoings and seems I should have about £400 (poss more) spare each month- what the **** am I spending that on?!” KV

“You’re not going to believe this! I went through my last 12 months bank statements yesterday and noticed an old ‘npower’ bill that I had requested a completion statement for. I’ve just received a letter today saying they owe me £272.. when you add that up its numerology is 11... divine gift before Xmas” KW

“Thank you so much, for all that you are, and for the work you have done to create this course. I really look forward to going over the notes and tools again and again, especially with the new insights I am uncovering. Endless gratitude for you, your process, your voice.” AZ

“I wanted to let you know that I thought Money Talks was absolutely brilliant. I am so so glad I made the decision to do it. There was definitely resistance as I started but it seriously has had a huge impact on me and the way I am able to express how I feel about money and worth. It has fed into a lot of the other work I have been doing the last few months particularly and felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. “ LH