Hi, I’m Kirsty Norton and this is my site where I share lots of the healing modalities that mean a lot to me in life.

To give it some context, In this journey, I am a mama being guided so fully by my sweetheart into seeing what matters and what truth is, I am a yoga & meditation guide, a mentor, speaker and writer. I'm also a Reiki Master, doTERRA Gold Leader and life lover. But really these are all just labels that when I peel them back allow me to be in my Essence and to 'be' from that place. That's what I practice every day, in all that I do.

What does it mean for you to be alive?

This website is a spiritual playground to give you ideas to live your most fulfilling life. 

I see life as one big Sacred Mystery. I believe in reminding you how to reconnect to your innate wisdom, to trust your intuition and your instincts. We all 'know' how to do this. Sometimes, the abilities get covered up in the grit of daily life and my gift is to remind you how to dust it all off so you can remember that you are a shining light of life. 

You will find videos, audio and if I manage to get another print run, how to get your own set of Soul Spirit Love cards - these intention cards are full of light and wisdom - set in the first person to remind you to connect inwards daily. Consider them as little prayers to the soul.


My values

Simple, consistent and steady steps are what it takes to create fulfilment. Listening to the language of the body is what creates balance. In this, you will recognise your magnificence. 

Once you have created this intimacy, you have the best relationship ever, you respect and trust yourself and you live in integrity. This life is a gift, how can you be the best version of yourself in it? That's where I step in to guide you in that with various techniques I've learnt in the past 20+ years.

I hope we get to share time soon. 

Love Kirsty x

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