These sessions offer...

you the opportunity to focus specifically on your needs. I have a wealth of tools to help you on your journey to feeling whole and connected. The first session is usually an hour and a half and any further sessions are an hour.

As everyone is unique, we will have a chat about what you are looking for support with. We will then discuss suitable treatment techniques that will serve you and then begin straight away.

These one to one sessions are extremely powerful, they are deep and remove blocks at the deepest level. If you are experiencing limitations in any way (financial, emotional, physical), these sessions will see a shift in your awareness and release that which holds you back.

Within the toolkit available there is Reiki, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, meditation, breath work, guidance, personal growth, relaxation. Usually sessions will have more than one technique included. 

Sessions are £108 and run around 60-90 minutes.