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Day Retreat - Sussex

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This day retreat will be different to how I've held space before, we will work with the Spirit of Cacao, healing meditations, oracle wisdom and ancient ways to recognise and remember our Divine Essence. 

It's very clear to me that my work is to guide people in - take full responsibility for yourself and look to no one else to fix you but know that I'm there to hold the space whilst you navigate this inner journey. I am humble to the need for this work and have indeed dived deep on this journey which is ever unfolding. 

This day will act as a remembrance of who (and what) you are beyond your name and your labels and roles in life. 

I'd be honoured if you'd join me in this day retreat to spend time investigating silence meditations, the spirit of cacao and essential oils, the medicine of writing and sound work and the space to be in circle which is one of the most powerful medicines in my humble opinion. 


Price: £90

Deposit is £50 to hold your space 

Bank Transfer preferred to avoid me having to pass on charges to you for using Paypal.

Email for these.

or Pay via Paypal using:, add 3% to cover charges.