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This essential oil lifestyle is about leading the way, consistency and knowing I am doing the best I can for my family in terms of what products I use in our home. You can see an example of how you can swap things out for doTERRA products in this magazine piece below.

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There are 2 ways;

1) Enrol and get a wholesale customer account (order when you want and get 25% off)

2) Enrol and get a Wellness Advocate account to begin your own wellbeing business (order monthly at 25% off)

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1) - click Join + Save.

2) Choose your continent and country/language.

3) Choose Wholesale Customer (or Wellness Advocate if you're ready to build your wellness business)

4) At Enroller ID it should update automatically, if not add in 3107449

5) Click verify - Kirsty Norton will come up

6) Set a password

7) Select your kit/oils. If you don't get a kit you'll add in the Introductory Membership Packet too
which is your wholesale membership. This is £25 but is waived when you get an enrolment kit.

7) Enter credit card details and process your order

8) Your order will be sent out from the nearest warehouse to you

9) You will receive a welcome email from me with access to our private website with elegant
education and access to Oils Camp, FB groups and lots of access to training and support.

How I use them?

* Detoxing my home from harmful toxins in 'usual' cleaning products (join my FB group for recipes)

* Making safe, phthalate free (potent hormone/endocrine disruptor), toxin free perfume and deodorant

* To support my nervous system. Look after my energy levels and balance my mood

*Staying focused whilst juggling different projects.

* Helping my daughter stay grounded and focused and calming her down at bedtime. 

Want to know more?

Book me in for a class, either online or in person if you're within a 60 mile radius to Hove.

Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life to support a natural lifestyle.

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I get asked

  1. Do I have to commit to a contract or monthly order when I get these oils/products

    No you don't need a monthly order. You can be a customer. End of. To buy the oils at full cost go here and order what you want.

    If you'd prefer to get 25% off, set up a wholesale account - same link, just click Join + Save and follow instructions. Any problems, drop me a note.

  2. What does it mean to be a wholesale customer with doTERRA?
    You get 25% off, you can just buy one thing or a kit, up to you. I recommend getting the Long Life Vitality Kit to supplement your diet and to invest in your future self.
  3. What is the LRP?

    This is the way you get free oils and products You get a wholesale account and order monthly, it's called an LRP. This way you're upgrading your health, living gets more high vibe and you get free stuff. Bingo. I explain more about this on the emails I made for you so if you haven't already put your name in above where it tells you how to find our more about oils, what are you waiting for?