Your yoga prescription

Just what should your home practice look like? What time of day should you do it? Are you a bad person if you only do it for ten minutes? What if I miss out a few days? The answer is that you can create a practice that suits you, at whatever time of day and that includes whatever poses you wish. It's the attitude of coming back to your mat and practicing with an open mind, compassion and dedication that matters most.

For someone like me my practice has to happen at different times of day as I juggle my responsibilities and dance around my days fulfilling duties. For others it's better to have a set time that they stick to every day, usually first thing in the morning so you don't get distracted by the days demands (I'd love to be in this bracket but have learnt to adapt and be very disciplined with my commitment to practice). 


In terms of what you practice if you're the type of person who gets caught up in worrying about what to do I would recommend either following an online yoga class (plenty of free ones on YouTube - look up Esther Ekhart or paying ones on YogaGlo and My Yoga Online). Or do 3-6 rounds of sun salutations and each day pick three poses you love, three you find challenging and practice those. 

Some of you may prefer a creative approach and for you I'd recommend embracing a free flow, letting go of all restrictions and rules and play with it. Just set a time and go for it, moving your body in any way that feels good. Dana Flynn stopped going to yoga classes for years whilst she embraced her home practice and got acquainted with her physicality in her yoga. Bear in mind she was a long term yogi at this point though so if you're fairly new and contemplating how to practice at home I'd keep up with your guided classes too to give you some formal asana time to learn new ways of doing things.

The more spiritual folks might enjoy bringing in an altar to their practice that you light a candle at every day, add pictures of loved ones and revered ones along with flowers and things that inspire you. 

You may enjoy the process of writing so bring in a journal to your practice and write out whatever is in your head. In the artists way there's a process called daily pages where you literally write whatever comes to mind, for about 3-4 pages (a4 side) and it really helps, don't judge what you're writing, just go with it. I've found it to be an incredible way to get the creativity going and release unhelpful thought patterns in my mind. Or you may prefer to just write about your practice and what you hope to find it n it that day. I could go on for ages about journaling but Ill save that for another blog post. 


From a personal point of view I like to mix it up depending on what is happening for me. At the moment I am mixing yin with yang, opening up the kidney energy by practicing sphinx pose and then warming up my shoulders and core before jumping into my practice for handstand. inversions are key for me at moment, calming my nervous system and quietening my mind as I process my recent loss. One thing I keep meaning to focus on is the splits but I'm still resisting that pose after all these years! Maybe whilst I'm away teaching my retreat Ill get that inspiration? We shall see.

I hope this helps you to see that there are no rules in your practice so don't feel rigid about what you must and mustn't do. Enjoy it and just keep coming back to your mat. When you lose momentum think about getting a buddy to practice with you. Find ways to do your yoga, it only adds more sparkle to your life as you build uo strength mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Love your yoga.