Yoga over 40

There seems to be a big reaction in the yoga community about a well known personal trainer saying that yoga isn't good for the over 40s. For a fair reaction go to this link I'm not surprised the remarks caused a sensation - my first reaction was one of 'what do you even know about yoga?' BUT after a little bit of consideration I don't want to attack what was said because I'm sure it wasn't meant maliciously, it was just an uneducated comment which has a very positive effect. People need to be better educated about what yoga is and what it offers you. It isn't just a cardiovascular exercise, in fact its not even an exercise, its much more.

Yoga couldn't be better for you once you reach your 40s. If you've started earlier than that then brilliant but don't let your age put you off starting it whenever you feel drawn to it, or encouraged to try it.

After 40 you really want your body to work for you and by doing yoga you encourage the elasticity in your muscles, you massage your internal organs and keep your mind and body connected with the breath. In fact, I'd go as far to say that yoga is probably the best thing to do once you reach 40 as life is pretty 'full' by then and to manage all that is going on its a fantastic tool. I don't know about you but I find the mind is pretty energetic and even to calm this down would be a wonderful thing to learn and I especially love yoga as I can teach people about how to do this.

The shame about all of this is how people view yoga in the western world (in general), its not an exercise routine, its about so much more than that. Whatever you put into it you will reap so much more. The rates of anxiety and depression are going up however it is shown in research that meditation, yoga and relaxation will help with these illnesses.

I don't have any statistics to hand but I expect the 'mood' drugs are prescribed more and more into your 30s and 40s and I'm not saying yoga can solve it all but it will definitely help you to get some balance and space to work out whats going on. In this day and age everything is moving so fast we find it hard to stand still for even 10 minutes but its so important. I urge you to try out yoga or meditation and see how it helps your life immensely. Just try a YouTube video if you can't face a class yet...