Yoga in Pregnancy

I know I am slightly biased as I already love yoga but I have found it invaluable in my pregnancy. I was surprised at how intense the hormones were at the beginning and shocked that I felt a whole heap of anger arising within me. Not about being pregnant - that, I was grateful for - but it felt like old anger that I'd harboured rearing its ugly head, trying to get out. Weirdly, I'm so pleased as its been a massively healing journey for me, aided by my practice, on and off the mat.

Apart from helping me deal with the emotions and hormones, its really aided me deal with SPD, backache, shoulder tension and sore legs.

Another brilliant aspect is that its taught me to rest and slow down when I need to. That, in itself, has been a lesson as I like to keep busy but by listening to my body and slowing down when I need to, I know my baby is also getting the benefits.

Thank you yoga.