Yoga gets on my nerves

Yes, its true, it really does get on my nerves. If I don't do it I get all tight and contracted. If I do do it I still think I haven't done enough. Of course, all this really means is its nothing to do with yoga per se but to do with me and my expectations of myself. I have pretty high standards and even if I did 2 hours every day I'm sure I'd still find fault with myself. Which brings me to one of the yamas - ahimsa. Ahimsa means non violence and not just to another person but to yourself. We have so many negative thoughts each day, we talk to ourselves so badly and I'm sure we would never be so tough on another person (well, most of us anyway) so its time for me to take stock and start to rejig the way I'm thinking and the amount of pressure I'm putting on myself.

Currently I'm juggling so much that its a wonder I even get the house tidied but I do. I've decided that as long as I do at least 3 sun salutations a day, 5 minutes of pranayama and 5 minutes of meditation then I'm going to praise myself for taking that time out instead of thinking I should have done more which only feeds the 'I've failed' thought patterns.

What are you going to do today to change the way you put pressure on yourself?