>When we know something is good for us why don't we find the time to do it?

I have been non stop recently and my yoga practice has been really limited and I miss it. Yet I'm still not able to find the time to stop what I'm doing and get on my mat. Its really very simple so why do we make it so difficult?

I have a few spare minutes now and I'm writing this blog, as opposed to rolling out my mat and getting on it. I'm caught up in the 'I've got so much to do today and so little time' mentality. Those of us that practice yoga know that my day will probably go much better - or at least I'll approach it much better if I just do a little bit of practice now.

I know that once I'm doing it I'll feel better and will reap the benefits long after I've stopped the practice, so what is with me this week! Bizarre.

Time to jump away from the computer and get on that mat. I've convinced myself its really very silly to be writing about all the benefits and not just DOING the yoga.

See ya!