What does it mean to 'practice'?

A practice is just what it says, a practice. It's something you keep doing. I commit to my practices 5 days a week and do them whether I feel like it or not. I don't do them with the intention of getting better at something. For example I don't meditate to try and get better at it. I practice to accept whatever arises. Sometimes the storms come, sometimes it's blissful, sometimes it's just bloody irritating to sit still when I've got loads to do. But it's the practice-to sit with whatever arises. You'll see me post about practicing certain things to get better-I limit those things to 1 min a day. Just so I don't get caught up in this desire/striving mind that can take over my asana practice. The pressure of seeing people doing incredible things with their body can promote competitiveness in me or it an deflate me. My ego says 'I need to be able to do that' and then my heart reminds me that I don't, yoga is not about that, whether I ever do the fancier poses or not is irrelevant. How I choose to approach my moment by moment, day by day living is relevant. I like to enjoy moving my body and enjoying the process, or accept that I'm not enjoying it if I'm not in the mood. The practice. This is why I do it, to be in the moment, to be with what is

Source: http://www.facebook.com/yogageek