Avid Traveller

I like that title, travelling inspires me and gets me feeling vibrant and truly alive. Everyone that knows me knows how much I love it and interesting that all the training I have done is in things that mean I can travel with my career.

Recently I was interviewed for the blog, Raise the Beat. It's written by Lauren who I met out in Goa a couple of years ago. We spent the morning of New Years Day doing  yoga together on a pagoda overlooking a cove whilst in the background we could still hear some music pumping as the parties continued into the day. It was such a sweet practice and so nice to share it with someone so in tune with their flow too.

Our view from the yoga pavilion

Lauren, like me, is an avid traveller (she's in Costa Rica at the moment) and it's so nice when you meet someone who has that same sense of freedom and flow. We are talking about hosting a retreat somewhere hot this coming winter. I'm so excited about what we will create as I know it'll be special for all of you that can make it. We both share a true desire to help people change their lives, to feel alive and vibrant and to shift the 'stuff' so they can feel lighter and brighter. More on that project as we concoct our magic partnership.

So, this avid traveller is ready to flow, coming soon to a studio, beach, pagoda near you.