Time to get Selfish

Selfish is such a funny word isn't it? But when you take time out to nourish and replenish yourself (being selfish) then it actually benefits everyone around you. It changes the way you interact with people, you have more patience and you treat yourself with more respect and kindness. Well, at least I do.

Susana Frioni has designed this program where you get selfish for 27 days. I love it. I've signed up and its only £95 (GBP) and you get so much for it.

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SELFISH FOR 27 DAYS is for any woman who is:

  • Living on the edge of exhaustion + overwhelm and knows that burnout is just around the corner.
  • Having an existential crisis and feels like her world is falling apart…because it probably is.
  • Living in denial about their career/relationships/health and pretending everything is okay when deep down she knows something’s gotta change.
  • Frustrated that nothing seems to be going to plan no matter how much she controls everything.
  • This close to giving it all up (the business, the job, the project, the relationship, the dream) because fatigue and frustration have taken over + she’s questioning if it’s really worth it any more.
  • Paralysed with indecision because she’s afraid of making the wrong decision.
  • Drenched in guilt whenever she tries to do something just for herself.
  • Seeking accountability + support while she creates some positive + healthy habits.
  • Craving to connect with women who want to live a kick-ass life + are willing to take responsibility for it.
  • If this is you, head to Click here to view more details . Registration NOW OPEN.

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