It's been a while

Hello Yoga Geek readers, I'm sorry I've not been posting much of late but I've had a terrible time. My dear mum suddenly fell ill in February and she died very soon afterwards. The shock and sadness are unbearable at times but then there are days where I can see the light and feel very strong and know that she is at peace. There's so much consolation in that. I'm not the first person to lose a loved one but it's my first experience of losing someone I love so very much and it hurts like hell. In my yoga practice I have been focusing on Yin and Restorative work as I need to be gentle with myself and in dealing with the emotions.

On the occasions I feel strong it's like she hasn't really gone anywhere.  No one can take away the feeling someone gave you or the moments spend together. Its only when I think about the times we won't even have together again that it feels like I've been kicked in the stomach.

So this is for all of you that have lost a loved one. A short practice of self-love and acceptance. Scroll down for the practice.

Start seated in Sukhasana or Lotus variation.

And just centre yourself and check in with your breath - watch it, feel it and focus on where you feel contracted in the body. For me, right now, its in my solar plexus. Find your spot.

Then keep breathing into it slowly and steadily and as you release let go of the tension.

You may cry, you may fidget, you may feel fine. This practice is about letting whatever arises to come about. Know that it's ok to feel whatever it is you are feeling. You are safe, you are

loved, you are secure.

And keep with this breathing practice for at least 5 minutes, preferably longer.

Try to stay with the emotions, let them be. They will pass. Everything always does and its ok.


Kirsty x