Chakra Yoga Adventure - Swadhistana

This week in our Chakra Yoga Adventure we focus on the sacral chakra called swadhisthana chakra. It's bright orange in colour and is located in the lower part of your abdomen.

This chakra governs our creative nature, our ability to feel pleasure, our sexuality and the ability to let go and allow change to happen. If you are confused, jealous, have a creative block or having problems with intimacy then you might want to work on this area. Also if you are addicted to something then this chakra is out of sync and needs balancing to help you overcome the addiction.


Make sure you include the following three poses in your practice this month. If you click on each link there are instructions on how to do them, or look on YouTube if you need more guidance.

Always start your practice by either sitting quietly for 5 minutes listening to your breath rise and fall or you can follow this short 


. Enjoy this Chakra Yoga sequence.

1) Cobra


3) Butterfly or Bound Angle Pose

End your practice with relaxation.


Orange Glow

To nourish swadhisthana chakra you should enjoy the sweet fruits, I've done a simple juice here which is delicious. Have a play around with adding more of one of the fruits if you prefer the taste. I adore passion fruit but it can be quite a sweet taste so have a play and see what suits you best

5 x sweet oranges

1 x mango

5 x passion fruit

Some ice cubes to chill

Squeeze the juice out of the oranges, scoop the insides out of the passion fruit and chop up the mango. Pop it all in a smoothie maker and mix it up. Mmmmm.