3 ways to achieve more by doing less

  • Do you suffer from feeling busy the whole time?
  • Wondering where the days go?
  • Not enough time to fit in a 5 minute meditation or yoga practice?
  • Are you always thinking 'who pressed the fast forward button?'

Then you need to slow down. Seriously, STOP, take some time out and reassess everything around you. Chances are you are so busy but not actually getting that much done?

That last sentence isn't meant to sound like an insult, more like a reminder that when we rush around too much its more than likely we're not achieving as much as we'd like as our attention is drawn in all directions. Some of you will have children that zap you of energy and time, I know that one but seriously there is a way you can start to manage your time better.

So yes its time to take stock and here's 3 ways that can help you get some time back to yourself.

1. Prioritise

Do you really need to do everything that is in your calendar? Learn to say 'no' politely and prioritise the things you want to do and be realistic about how much you can fit in a week. Ever noticed how you book your diary up so much that you end up missing something either through lack of energy or feeling overwhelmed?


2. Reassess

Look at your work/life/social balance. How much of your time is spent doing each of them? Are you happy? Then start to rebalance it, lessen the stuff that's draining you and add some spice to your life. Inject some fun, whether that's watching your favourite theatre show or getting together with an old friend.


3. Relax

Yes that's right, start to carve out some time for you EVERY day, no distractions from things like phones, TV, kids. Seriously make it the most important thing to do. It'll help you in so many ways. I find that teaching yoga, relaxation can be the hardest thing for people to do these days. Whether you relax with a cup of tea, lie down for a rest, do some yoga or meditation just make sure you do it. Now. Today. Seriously.


Try it all out for a week and notice how you feel at the end of it. Then for a month and keep going.