The presents in presence

IMG_3478896x350Do you want to feel happier and brighter each day? Then practice your attention and focus to be fully present. It may sound boring to some of you but I guarantee its the secret to feeling happy. Yoga is not about doing your downward dog perfectly and looking the part, it is about the attention you put into each moment of your day, whether that is in downward dog or in a conversation with another. Be present and put your full presence into each moment of your day. This is a practice so keep returning to it. When you notice you zone out in your day, come back to the here and now, worrying about the past or future will not help you to be present. Check in again at lunchtime and see how you did with your attention that morning, then again at dinner time. The practice of this attention will make you happier, lighter and brighter so it's well worth doing.

The reason I focus on my breath in meditation in yoga is it fully connects me to the here and now, I remember when I first started doing yoga I hated pranayama (breathing practices) - it was so boring, yawn, get it over and done with. It's only as I've continued down my yogic path that I've fallen in love and respect the breath so much for everything it allows me to do - keeping me alive for one!

For today, try to be fully present in each interaction you have, each email you write, each phone call you have. At the end of the day take time to reflect and see how you did.

Then tomorrow, the same, over time you will start to become fully present and start to worry less and not give into the fear and negativity that living in the future or past brings.

I'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to join in and leave a comment below about how you find your attention span and what you do to bring attention into what you are doing.