5 Things Yoga Teachers Can Do to Find Their Mojo

This post is for all you yoga teachers out there that are feeling worn out, lost direction, feeling a bit bored or as I put it lost your mojo. I've had a couple of conversations recently with other teachers who just aren't feeling great about either their teaching or their yoga projects they're working on. How many of you have been there?

I've been teaching for nearly 10 years now and along the way I've fallen out of love with yoga, fallen back in love, tussled and struggled, lost my confidence, found it and so on. Its a journey, like a love affair really and I'll be honest I haven't enjoyed it 100% of the time. Although there is an external pressure that I put upon myself that as I'm doing the 'job' I love that I should love it ALL of the time. Not true folks.

Just like anything, you're going to have your struggles, the lessons to learn, the challenges and teaching yoga has been full of those but I LOVE what it gives back to me.

When I lose my inspiration here are 5 things that I do:-

  1. Go to my favourite teachers class or if I'm feeling rich enough book onto a workshop or retreat
  2. Look at my yoga bookshelf and grab the first one that stares at me and flick through the pages for a lesson, some inspiration or ideas
  3. Put on some great music, get out my journal and write it all out
  4. I stop teaching and start being a student again. As a teacher you should always keep going to classes, I've learnt the hard way that if it you don't then you (sooner or later) get burnt out or lose your interest. Keep feeding yourself.
  5. Relax, go and have some fun, dance, see friends, get a little less serious and laugh.

What do you do when you hit those walls? It would be so good to know to give other teachers a guide to other things they can do to reignite their passion.

Leave your comments below.