How to step into your own best life

Life for me has always been about travel. I was lucky enough to spend lots of my childhood moving between the UK, South America and Bangladesh. When my mum died last year I made a promise to do as much travel as possible. Grabbing life with both hands as the grief bought me even closer to the reality that life is short and that procrastinating is a wasted action. The shock of losing her so quickly and so young really hit me hard. It hit us all hard. From that powerful set of emotions though, I had a choice, to let it overtake me or to sit up and pay attention. I chose the latter.

I've been spending a lot of this year getting my sh*t together. I've been doing some very powerful life coaching which has been transformational in how I feel about myself, defining what my dreams and goals are and cleaning up any mess.

I've stopped drinking alcohol on a regular basis. I went to my first drug/drink free festival in June and it was my favourite so far.

I don't want to be evangelical about this but the changes this journey has made in my life are beyond measure. I feel great.

The most important part of this process so far has been self-compassion and care. I've fallen in love with me, not in a selfish way but to really listen to my soul and knowing what I want and then being able to communicate it.

Honouring our promises to ourselves makes us proud, we believe in ourselves and that has a power that shines through.

This isn't a sales pitch but I do want to thank Handel Life coaching, specifically Elena Brower and Danielle Tridenti for guiding me, teaching me and supporting me as I move through this process. I am so happy to be me, my dreams are coming true, I'm healing on so many levels. What a great gift that is in itself.

What changes can you make in your life today, start with a small one, to help you feel proud of yourself?