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I'm all about morning rituals but since having Lyra I've had to adapt massively and fit in the things that do me good whenever I can.

For those of you that are a) without children b) up before your children here is a great article on morning habits that are great to form.

If you're new to all of this I recommend doing one at a time and putting it into play for a week (or two) and make it a habit before starting the next one. That way you wont feel overwhelmed. I promise you by involving these in your day you're going to feel 100% better.

Money back guarantee. (Ok, so there's no money changing hands but you know what I mean).

So here goes - thanks Christina for this post



I am sending you today’s blogpost from our summer holidays on the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain. Last summer I fell in love with this island and this year my heart was longing to come back. I am enjoying every moment here with my family, that’s why today’s post arrives a little later than usual. Here is a picture taken from my balcony as I am writing you this; not a bad place to work from!

I will share more about our magical time here in next week’s blog. Today, I will talk about some of my favourite morning rituals and the importance of cultivating sacred space and time for yourself every day. Last week I have been posting them on Instagram for a couple of days. I am pretty much infatuated with Instagram lately. It’s become like a daily visual blog for me, where I am able to document and share a more personal glimpse into our life, without using much words. You can follow me here for a peek into our daily musings, adventures and happenings.


My Nr. 1 secret for staying centred, focused, thriving and happy has always been to carve out some sacred time for myself, and spend time with myself first thing in the morning. I’ve been cultivating a habit of prioritising myself everyday (or as often as I can) before anyone else gets my attention. That way, ultimately,  everyone else around me benefits. I am more relaxed as a mother, wife, teacher and mentor.  I don’t get irritated so quickly, I am more patient, I have a more positive outlook on life and I have much more energy to give and share, because I have recharged my batteries. Especially with children and our busy lives it’s just too easy to lose ourselves and our balance.  In this phase of my life I find it even more crucial to gift myself day by day with little moments in order to ground and connect with my body and soul.  For that reason I get up early every morning,  at least 30 Minutes before everyone else gets up in my family. Often it’s not easy, taking those extra 15 minutes of extra sleep feel so tempting, but I know I will be a better version of myself if I allow myself to have this sacred time.


I always start the day with fresh lemon water. It cleanses the whole system, and helps to flush out all the toxins. It gives a nice boost to your immune system because of it’s rich Vitamin C content, helps with digestion and supports clear skin! You will feel refreshed and hydrated right away. The benefits of lemon water are endless and it’s one of the most beneficial and at the same time simple changes you can make for your health. Your body will thank you. Press one organic lemon, pur it into a big glass and fill it up with water. On colder days I like to add hot water. Enjoy!


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No matter where you are, how you feel and what you do – make some time to move, stretch and connect with your body every day! Move in whatever way feels right for you. Put your favorite music on, stay in the moment, go with the flow, shake things out, move how it feels best, land in your body, center, ground, skip, twirl, wiggle, roll, balance, fall, reach, extend, glide, turn, twist, stretch, elevate, contract, receive, pull, push, sway, leap, jump, feel free, breath deeply,dance more- and worry less!

See if you can incorporate just 10-15 minutes of movement each day. I usually do my own combination of Yoga, Pilates, Ballet barre and free flow Dance improvisation. After just 30 minutes I feel refreshed, grounded, strong, happy in my body and ready to start the day. You can go here to find some more inspiration on how to move your body freely. In these videos I share some of my free flow Dance improvisations in all kinds of spaces. You can see that I try to dance everywhere. In one video for example I am even dancing and jumping in a tiny and very narrow hotel bathroom. This is just to remind you that you can do it too, wherever you are, you don’t need a fancy studio or class. And if you have kids, they will  love it too. I often dance with my children if I feel they need to release some energy.


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Meditate!  Make some time every day to connect with your soul, inner self, your truth, your spirit, your essence however you want to call it. Even 5 minutes a day can do magic. There are so many ways, techniques and practises out there how to meditate and I am not the expert, but what I found out for myself is that in whatever way you do it, the purpose is always the same: To connect with your inner divinity and be present in the moment.  To connect with and live life from the soul is the most important thing for a purposeful life. Because when you can live life from your soul’s perspective you’ll have your questions answered in 100% alignment with your truth. So that eventually every aspect of your life becomes an expression of your divine & authentic nature and you true purpose on earth.

Close your eyes and listen to the little voice within. You can ask a question and see what answers you receive. What words do you hear? What images come to mind? What sounds or smells do you sense? What is your heart longing for today? You could do it first thing in the morning while you are still lying in bed. I prefer to do it after I have moved and landed in my body. I feel that when I have released some energy that is blocking me, I can be more present with myself.  You can light a candle to make this moment even more sacred. Namaste!


Make yourself a nice cup of your favourite tea, take a deep breath, quiet your mind and drop into your heart space. Dream! What is your intention for today? Write it down and then think it into your tea. Drink it and feel how every cell gets nourished by your intention. That’s how we manifest our dreams!


Whether it’s walking barefoot on the grass, water my plants on the balcony or go for a walk or run in the forest, connecting with nature immediately raises our vibration and recharges our batteries. I find it almost impossible to not feel ungrounded when you spend time in nature. Somehow, spending time in nature helps us to connect more with our own nature.


Voilà, I hope these rituals inspire you to start your days refreshed and balanced 

Thank you to Christina Zegedi for this wonderful blog post. To find out more about her, go here