Children's Yoga

Children love yoga, they're natural little yogi's who love to move their bodies. Yoga helps them with concentration, balance, co-ordination and expressing themselves. I've watched quiet reserved children turn into wonderful yoga lions and louder more boistrous children turn into the quietest little mice. IMG_1303The classes are fun and different each time. Not only does yoga help them with the things above but they have fun and it gets them moving their bodies to keep them fit.

I teach at several schools and nurseries in Sussex - each class varies depending on the age of the children and the time we have together.

Sometimes we head to the mists of the jungles, other times we go on an underwater dive meeting pirates as we go. Sometimes I bring with me some special friends to help me out, Rachel Rabbit, the snow breathing dragon and Super Cow.


For the older children we make up yoga routines, practice some of the more challenging poses and also bring in yoga musical statues for those days when they just need to let off some steam.

All classes get a chance to wind down at the end so the children feel relaxed and able to be still for a few moments.

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