Chakra Yoga Adventure - Swadhistana

This week in our Chakra Yoga Adventure we focus on the sacral chakra called swadhisthana chakra. It's bright orange in colour and is located in the lower part of your abdomen.

This chakra governs our creative nature, our ability to feel pleasure, our sexuality and the ability to let go and allow change to happen. If you are confused, jealous, have a creative block or having problems with intimacy then you might want to work on this area. Also if you are addicted to something then this chakra is out of sync and needs balancing to help you overcome the addiction.


Make sure you include the following three poses in your practice this month. If you click on each link there are instructions on how to do them, or look on YouTube if you need more guidance.

Always start your practice by either sitting quietly for 5 minutes listening to your breath rise and fall or you can follow this short 


. Enjoy this Chakra Yoga sequence.

1) Cobra


3) Butterfly or Bound Angle Pose

End your practice with relaxation.


Orange Glow

To nourish swadhisthana chakra you should enjoy the sweet fruits, I've done a simple juice here which is delicious. Have a play around with adding more of one of the fruits if you prefer the taste. I adore passion fruit but it can be quite a sweet taste so have a play and see what suits you best

5 x sweet oranges

1 x mango

5 x passion fruit

Some ice cubes to chill

Squeeze the juice out of the oranges, scoop the insides out of the passion fruit and chop up the mango. Pop it all in a smoothie maker and mix it up. Mmmmm.

Chakra Yoga Adventure - Muladhara

Welcome to the beginning of our yoga chakra adventure. I'm really looking forward to sharing delicious ways to get some wonderful nutrients into your body to support each energy centre. I'll also show you some simple and quick yoga poses you can do to get the energy going in each area we look at.

ABOUT THE ROOT CHAKRA This month we focus on the root chakra (muladhara) which is red in colour and is located at the base of your spine.

This chakra influences how grounded you feel, your sense of belonging, your mindset on money and career. If you are unbalanced in this energy centre you may feel indecisive, tired all the time, struggling in relationships and jobs and having money problems. You may have difficulty connecting to the spiritual side of life and feel fear, impatience, intolerant and controlling.


Here are this weeks three poses you can do to get grounded and embrace the feeling of stability and security. If you already have a practice you can just make sure you combine these poses in. Or if you are new to yoga just practice these three poses this week. It won't take you long and you will start to feel the benefits fairly quickly.

Always start your practice by either sitting quietly for 5 minutes listening to your breath rise and fall or you can follow this short video.

1) Downward Dog - Ardho-mukha-swanasana 2) Tree Pose - Vrikshasana 3) Chair Pose - Utkatasana

Click here for a video on how to do the poses

End your practice with relaxation.

Strawberry Surprise

This month's delicious smoothie needs:-

Handful of fresh or frozen strawberries A cup of fresh orange juice A small bunch of fresh basil 4 icecubes

Whizz them all up in a juicer and pour your Strawberry Surprise into a tall glass and drink. Yum.


I was given the Leon cookbook at the weekend by a great friend and I LOVE it. Last night I made a vegetarian Moroccan Harira and I highly recommend it. Its full of protein and goodness, perfect for supporting the root chakra with earthy food. Its even better the next day so make up a big batch and enjoy. Click for the Harira Soup Recipe