I need you!

Dear readers, I am looking for your input please as I move forward with the blog and website. It is currently being redesigned (exciting!) as I originally did this one myself and now it needs a professional as I enter the wider blog world.

So with that in mind I'm looking at what new content to include and would love to know what you'd like to see.

  1. Teacher notes including class plan ideas, ways to sequence, video tutorials, playlists, adjustments, what to do when you get stagefright or lose your mojo and so on.
  2. Business help also aimed at teachers including ways to market your classes, ways to get more students, how to find a venue, doing your CV, you get the idea.
  3. Interviews with inspiring teachers and reviews on retreats, yoga studios and classes
  4. Notes for students including tutorials, how to begin a home practice, what to look for in a good yoga teacher and so on
  5. A shop selling only the coolest, tried and tested yoga gear, books and accessories.
  6. Posts about my yoga experience in order to help you with yours
  7. Guest blog posts from yoga students and teachers
  8. Competitions

Please comment below or post onto Facebook and let me know the numbers youre interested in, or any other ideas you have.

Without you lot, this blog would be pointless so I thank you for being a part of it and cherish your interest.