Watch how you treat others

I had a situation over the past 24 hours when someone I don't know decided they were within their rights to be rude and unreasonable towards me. I felt their anger with full force and was quite taken aback how someone could be so full of that emotion and decide its ok to take it out on someone they have never met. Their reaction towards me was unjustified and I'm lucky enough to realise that something else must have been happening in their lives to have treated another person the way they did.

I tried to help them with a situation but nothing was going to make them happy.

The lesson I have learnt is to stand my ground and protect myself when I was suddenly drawn into a situation I didn't want to be in the middle of.

This time of year in the UK is all about Vata in Ayurveda and it does seem to unground people and emotions seem to run high. There was also a full moon on Monday which heightens people's emotions as well. This is not some hippy talk, if the moon is strong enough to affect the tide it stands to reason it'll affect our bodies which are made up of over 60% water.

Make sure if you're feeling emotionally charged, out of sorts, ungrounded, angry, upset or anything that unsettles you to do some sort of nurturing. It can be a bath, early nights, massage, yoga, relaxation, meditation or pranayama. Just make sure you spend some time doing stuff for yourself so you don't end up reacting badly to those around you and affecting them too.

As it happens my poor family has seen me feeling stressed and preoccupied and very impatient today. Needless to say I'm about to right that wrong and not spread the bad energy started by this other person.

Hello hip openers, forward bends, core strengtheners and relaxation. Hello to feeling grounded and being nice to everyone.

Here's a great video I came across from Elena Brower which has helped me turn this situation around in my emotional body too. Thank goodness for the reminder!

Mindful Smack

Simple, grounding yoga video

Then try this short, simple, grounding and calming practice. In Ayurveda, this time of year correlates with Vata. You may find you have sleep problems, drier skin, feel lethargic and stressed and you may have constipation.Make sure you establish a daily routine in order to balance your Vata.

This yoga practice will ground you, its simple and easy in order for you to replenish your energy and get balanced. Its in two parts so don't miss out.

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