What you resist persists

Thank you to Louise Gillespie-Smith of Create Yourself for this heart warming and honest post about how ignoring something doesn't mean it'll go away. In fact, it may just come back and bite you in the bum even harder but it sounds like for Louise its bought her to a better place of acceptance and understanding in her practice. Good one Louise, thanks for sharing. Createyourself_logo

2012 was a big year for my yoga journey; I spent 6 months in India learning all I could, I started teaching yoga, I finally mastered the headstand and I became a vegetarian! It was a magical year full of adventure, healing and fun.

However in October I started to feel pain in my shoulders. After weeks of seeing a chiropractor I still cannot lift my arms up in the air with ease. I long to do a full body stretch after savasana!

This has been a huge lesson in “what you resist persists”. I ignored the pain initially, still doing chaturanga regularly, until I was forced to stop all together. I made it worse by resisting what is.

Acceptance of my situation now has led me to enjoy lovely restorative yoga, I never realised how bliss you feel after 20 minutes in Viparita Karani. It’s also helped me to get creative with my sequences; I can still do lots of yoga using all the other parts of my body rather than giving up altogether.

What I love about yoga is that there is so much flexibility and alternative postures that you never have to stop even if one part of your body needs a rest. I have also had the opportunity to integrate more pranayama, yoga nidra and learning from The Yoga Sutras into my daily practice.

This has been a huge lesson in acceptance and listening to what my body needs, something which I bring to my students each week. Yoga is not about forcing but connecting with where you are at right now in this present moment, accepting what is and letting go.

Louise runs a business called Create Yourself which helps and supports people making positive change in their lives. She is a life coach, yoga teacher, Reiki healer and image consultant.