Survival Tips for the mayhem

IMG_0404I'm guessing that most of you are tied up with doing last minute shopping, buying food and preparing for the feast, overloaded with work that needs to be tied up before Christmas and partying... It can get so busy at this time of year that it feels like someone pressed fast forward and then heaped a whole load of new 'to do' lists on you. We rush around to finish up tasks, go to parties, get the presents wrapped and deal with the everyday stuff as well that we forget to take time out to breathe.

I know it might seem like I'm adding another 'to do' onto your list but I can guarantee that this one will nourish you and make you a happier Christmas bunny.

5 mins - every day, anytime you like, to just sit and focus on your breath. Catch it, enjoy it, feel the big sighs coming out of the mouth. You might even find you like it. Each time the mind runs away with everything that needs to be done, bring your attention back to the breath.