>Stressbusters from Ruth White Yoga

>I wanted to share this from an email I just got from Ruth White about how to manage stress. Thank you Ruth.

  1. Here are some more suggestions for stress management:Symptoms are the body’s early warning signals that we are on overload.  Masking symptoms with medication, alcohol, whatever, is to ignore the underlying issues.
  2. Fight/flight response leads to the release of complex chemicals designed to remove the person from danger.  However, this chemistry unused and left circulating in the body will cause and contribute to most symptoms of stress.
  3. Exercise or physical activity is the only way to disperse this chemical build up.  It is estimated that only 15 minutes of strong, aerobic activity is needed to clear the body of toxins.  Walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc
  4. Reduce fight/flight episodes by cutting down or eliminating caffeines (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, lucozade-type drinks) and cigarettes.
  5. Reduce fight/flight by modifying confrontational behaviour, catastrophising, avoiding negative thought patterns and changing ‘A’ type responses.
  6. Learn breathing and deep relaxation techniques.  Deep breathing will override the f/f response.  Appropriate breathing pattern is 4-2-6.  Identity hyperventilation pattern and modify.  Alpha work is holding the attention on a single point for a minute or longer.  This will encourage the use of the Alpha brain pattern contributing to deep relaxation.  Use CD for Alpha support, i.e. practice pranayama and meditation.
  7. Self talk. All thought patterns create brain chemistry so learn to use more positive speech and thought processes.  I can…..I could…..rather than I should/ought/must.
  8. Laughter creates the best brain chemistry.  Listen to or watch funny films or programmes.  Smiling has a similar effect on brain chemistry even if you are not actually feeling very smiley at that moment.  Just smile!
  9. Nutritional support to help deal with stress: Vit. C, Vit. B Complex, Zinc, Ginseng.  For depression – St. John’s Wort, 5HTP. Insomnia – 5HTP. Spirulina for poor eating patterns or low energy.  Avoid low blood sugar states.