Stand on your head

I created a couple of videos for those of you wanting to refine your yoga practice of Sirsasana (headstand). Do not practice this if you're not a seasoned yogi and have never done it before. Get a trained teacher to guide you through the process first of all. Headstand is considered one of the most important poses but it needs to be practiced safely. Despite it being called headstand, you are mainly using your forearms to bear all the weight and the crown of your head is not taking the majority of the weight. Ok, peeps? Practice safely and be kind as you approach this pose, don't beat yourself up if its taking you a long time to get here. Its well worth all the lessons you learn on the way.

As you are standing on your head you are reversing the gravity action of the body. Its a great pose to relieve anxiety and stress. The benefits are listed below the video.

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Sirsasana – Benefits


This pose increased blood flow to the brain so will stimulates pineal and pituitary glands which will revitalise and calm the mind. It will help to regulate your metabolism and improve your memory.

Lungs/Breathing Your breath will deepen as you are upside down and aids your breathing helping to strengthen your lungs which will in turn help you heal any ear, nose and throat infections like coughs, sinusitus and so on.

Other benefits:

  • Relieves any fluid build up in legs and ankles
  • Tones the abdomin
  • Increases the production of sex hormones
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Rejuvenates the skin of the face making you look younger
  • Helps treat headaches, hay fever, diabetes, depression and symptoms of menopause