Simple Living

I posted this on my Facebook page a while back and it's been one of the most popular posts. Looks like simple living is something we are all after in this digital age. I've noticed since starting all these things (see below), that my life has more space.

It's been great to enjoy living and being. Instead of always 'doing'. I have more room to be me, to enjoy being spontaneous or to rest. I'm doing the important things and realising that the urgent stuff isn't always that important. I check in with what feels good and when I notice I am charging towards that 'busy' mindset I take myself off for a walk, or meditate or switch off all technology and go have a shower.

Ive felt so 'busy' most of my adult life. Filling up my diary, lots of projects to do and a huge list of household chores to complete. My dog and toddler need a lot of my attention.

It's no wonder I feel like I've been spread so thinly.

It took a festival to set me straight. I've been craving stillness, nature and simplicity for a while.

It's now that I'm putting it into action more and more.

1) Less phone, less computer-they are time zappers.

2) I'm giving/throwing away 5 things a day as I don't need all the stuff I have.

3) I'm getting outside as much as possible.

4) I meditate in the garden, park or beach whenever I can.

What can you do to simplify?

Take time to look around you