>Reconnecting to your core

>I am so grateful that I was able to take two days out of being a mum last week and focus on a healing course that a wonderful friend was running (Dee Appoline - check her out). We were learning about Theta Healing and I so enjoyed reconnecting with that side of me that I'd been neglecting recently.

I have practiced Reiki for years but in the past year or so I've felt so distanced from that part of my being and it was so good to reconnect with something I enjoy so much. I'd been so engrossed with moving cities, being pregnant, having a baby that I'd forgotten to embrace an essential part of who I am on a regular basis.

It took a wonderful Reiki session by the lovely Kirsty Taylor at Uniquely Organic Ecospa to nudge me into giving myself a spiritual kick up the backside to take time to focus on nourishing a very important part of who I am.

Does this sound familiar? What is it that you enjoy but haven't done for ages... bring it back into your life and feel yourself smile from the inside.