How to build your online presence


Now, I'm not exactly an expert in this area but I've been doing this long enough to have learnt a few things and since I'm all about helping others I wanted to write this blog post for you with some simple tips.

  • think about your audience - what is it they'd like to learn, know or see? Its all very well putting up fancy pant poses and looking good but don't forget that if you're trying to build a following then its also good to make sure you're not getting carried away with selfies. or if you are all about poses maybe include some instructions on how to do the pose and make it more of a tutorial. Add value for your followers.
  • keep at it - building an audience doesn't happen overnight, I've been blogging and working on FB etc for a good few years now and its building. At first it just seemed that I was always working on social media and not getting any come back and then one day BOOM it just reached a tipping point and I receive constant new 'likes' and 'followers'
  • say hi to your comrades - get involved with other peoples sites, ones that you are genuinely interested in, make sure you're commenting on them and building up relationships. I will stress again the word - genuine. I only leave comments or likes on people or companies that really inspire me or that I resonate with.
  • be yourself - the old saying goes 'be yourself, everyone else is taken' and its true. speak with your own voice, it shows and people value that.
  • don't be discouraged - yes there are lots of people that have been doing this for a long time and have lots of followers and likes. There is enough room for us all so don't get disheartened. Each one of us has a gift and something to share so don't forget that.
  • don't overwhelm yourself - start slowly - with one account. put your heart and soul into it, enjoy it and don't get overwhelmed. Once you've got the hang of one social media site, add another, there are great ways to share your content between sites these days so it doesn't have to be a labour of love
  • post great photos - make sure your images are nice - there are loads of apps these days to help you make the images look great, to add text, give you great borders. In instagram you can choose the filters there and add borders. Although if you want to add text do that beforehand  - I use Phonto at the moment.

So there are a few pointers that I hope help you along. Let me know how you get on, leave comments below if you'd like some other handy hints.