>Navrati, New Moon, Autumn Equinox, Amma's birthday

>I am thrilled to find out that Navrati starts today which is also the beginning of our yoga retreat in the Alps. The guests are all on their flights now and will be arriving at the chalet in the next few hours. I can feel a thrill of excitement to welcome them and to start teaching them yoga. It feels particularly special to do it at this auspicious time. Amma, the hugging mama gives darshan of hugs around the world, being in her presence is a wonder and its her birthday so lets send her our digital hugs and keep raising her vibration of love. 

So along with the change in seasons, the autumn equinox, the new moon and Navrati it really is an incredibly potent time to focus on new projects, celebrate the changes happening in your lives and embrace the new stuff. Read on to find out more about Navrati.
Navrati is the festival of nine nights to celebrate Durga in all her forms. The first 3 days focus on her form as Durga, also know as Kali which helps to destroy our impurities (perfect for my yogis on retreat as they are here for those days). 
The next 3 days is about Lakshimi who is the goddess of wealth - a few bankers and people with lots of money might well be honouring her more this year due to the recent interview with the banker on BBC News Click here for the video of that and the final 3 days focus on Saraswati in order to gain all round success in life.