Manipura Chakra

This chakra governs your personal power and self-esteem. Its where we feel our gut instinct and our raw emotions. It is located above the navel and just below the ribcage. If this chakra is out of balance and under active you tend to worry too much about what others think of you. You feel indecisive and doubtful. You can have a sense of not feeling 'good enough'. When this chakra is over active you tend to be judgemental of others, very stubborn, making plans to do lots of things but never doing any of them. Usually you're in perfectionist mode and nothing is ever going to be good enough.

Great food to balance this chakra are yellow in colour so think along the lines of bananas, yellow lentils, quinoa, whole grain breads, ginger, chamomile, cumin, turmeric. Mint is also really good.



Pop two bananas, 1tsp of cinnamon, a cup of almond milk, a cup of yoghurt (to keep it dairy free use soya) into a blender and whizz it up. Add more almond milk if you prefer it runnier. Sprinkle on some ground nutmeg and drink. Mmmmm. Right, now go get 'em.