Retreats inspire


I love going on yoga retreats, a time away from your normal day to day life to focus on your yoga practice. The joy of the weekend I've just been on is not just that it was one of my favourite teachers Katy Appleton, but that it combined asana with the practice of kirtan (chanting) with the wonderful Nikki Slade. 

 What a fantastic combination these two guides are, I can't recommend them highly enough. I've come back feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to commit to my motto of Love.Inspire.Transform (love that initials spell LIT!).

Whilst I was on retreat I was reading Rod Stryker's book which is due for release in the UK very soon. Its called the Four Desires. Those of you that follow this will have seen how excited I was to get this book to review and I've not been disappointed. If you are looking for some guidance in your life along the principles of yoga then this is the book for you. So far I've worked out my dharma (my life's purpose), a sankalpa (an intention or plan), what my vikalpa is (what is limiting me in moving forwards with my intention) and we're moving through how to deal with resistance. In short, I've got a plan for moving my life forwards in the next 18 months and how to move past the challenges I may encounter. 

It is a great guide and inspiration for those of you looking for some focus and assistance in your life. I am raving about it to everyone I meet that I think might appreciate it and I'm hoping to run a competition to give away some books. Also I'm putting some questions together for Rod for when he comes to the UK soon so I'm thrilled to be interviewing him, watch this space. The book has a CD that you can buy to go with it for the meditations so I highly recommend that if you don't have the time to record them yourself. Its not available on Amazon UK yet but you can go to his website

Retreats are just the most wonderful places to get yourself back on track, remove anything that you're holding onto to make space for something more worthwhile and to enjoy the space and time to just 'be' with yourself and remember what you're about. There is so much in our day to day living to take us out of our bodies that its important to reconnect to who  you are as much as you can. Whether that is a daily practice of asana, walking the dogs or carving out 30 minutes of time to write, its important to remember to do it.

I've made a commitment with a sweet friend of mine to go on retreat at least once a year, what is your commitment to yourself? Please feel free to comment below (you can do it anonymously if you wish) and share your commitment. Being heard is a great way to move forwards and keep that promise to yourself.