Give yourself some time off

DSCN0127I've taken some time out recently to be quiet on social networking as things change in my life and I let things settle.I am still here for you if you have questions of yoga but maybe the best advice I can give you now is that all the answers are inside of you. Whilst a yoga retreat is a wonderful thing to do, its sometimes just not the right time so how do we start to incorporate some 'down' time in our day to day lives? Well I think I have a good suggestion, take at least one day a month (even better if its one day a week) off of the computer and phone.

Its all too easy to distract ourselves in this modern day, checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, our phones. Why not give yourself some space without those things in your life if you find you are feeling overwhelmed by them.

You may realise that the amount of space you create is ample to do all the things you wish you could do.

Its amazing how much time all this technology takes up in our lives. Make room for you.

In a time of heightened stress and worry and busy-ness, this is the best treat you can give yourself. Do it, give yourself just one day off of it all, whether its one day a month, one day a week, whatever, just do one day... let me know how you get on when you're back online.