>Get yourself a reusable water bottle and stop adding to the plastic waste


Did you now that out of the 200 billion water bottles that are purchased around the world, only 23% are recycled?

Pretty shocking don't you think?

I was recently sent the 'Anti-Bottle' from a company called Vapur, they've designed a range of vibrantly coloured bottles that you can reuse again and again. 

They are BPA free, safe to freeze drinks in, clean in the dishwasher and have a climbing hook on them so you can attach to your buggy or backpack and once the bottle is empty you can roll up up and use the hook to keep it rolled up small.

I had them at a picnic this weekend and the children loved using them as well as the adults. I love the fact they look good, they have an ecological angle and are really convenient too.

Click here to buy them online  VAPUR