Excuses Excuses


I have been wondering recently where the old Kirsty has gone, she's definitely still here as I keep seeing signs of her but I feel that I've been hidden under a pile of exhaustion and excuses. Granted its been a pretty tough time but you know what others have worse things to contend with and its time to ship shape and get back on the spiritual warrior quest so I've decided its time to grab back the Kirsty I know and love.

I am lucky enough to have had some space in the past few days to reclaim myself and have a weekend of doing things that I love like meditation, yoga, journaling and relaxing and it feels good!


My day's used to start something like this - wake up, have a few nice long stretches in bed, grab my journal and write, do a meditation or creative visualisation and grab an angel card. Loved it, brilliant, it set me up for the day and I was raring to go. I definitely felt happier and even when the tough stuff reared its head I could handle it, not always brilliantly but I muddled through. In the past 19 months I've slowly but surely slipped into feeling less and less like the girl I used to be and I'd like her back.

Anyone else feel like this? Felt like this? Its almost like we need a reset button yes?

So in the hope of resetting myself I've decided to set my alarm clock really early for the next week (and believe me this is going to hurt at first as Lyra gets up by 6/630, sometimes 7 if I'm lucky) and grab hold of the Kirsty I like to be.

What commitment are you going to make to yourself this week?

Alarm clock is set so here goes... wish me luck.