Making money from yoga

I'm intrigued to know how many of you think that being in the holistic world means you should be doing what you do from the bottom of your heart over earning money? I've just read an interesting blog post by Delamay which is something I've been thinking about for a while and part of the ebook which I'm writing. As a spiritual and holistic practitioner I want to share what I love so that others can benefit but there has to be a line drawn sometimes on what we give in terms of 'freebie's as Delamay says.

The thing is we put an awful lot of time, money, energy and love into what we do so we do deserve to earn a living out of it. In the 'olden' days people used to get given free board and lodging in return for their teachings but these days its just not that practical as we all have to earn a wage to get by in our modern day world.

Another great teacher called Sadie Nardini wrote a book about Conscious Commerce which I've found highly inspiring and sits well with me. We are all running a business after all and just because we love what we do it doesn't mean we shouldn't be able earn a decent wage from it.

When I first started out I felt so awkward about taking money as an exchange for reiki or yoga sessions that I'd often say that people could just cook me dinner or buy me a book instead and I'm still all for that if the person I am treating has limited funds but in general I charge. I believe in what I do and I know that I have worked long and hard to get to this point to bring the best teachings and heart to my lessons.

I'm intrigued to hear your views on this and open up the discussion