What are the Chakras?

The Chakras

There are many books and websites all about the chakras but I wanted to give you a simple introduction to these fascinating wheels of energy.

Chakra infogram

Essentially, the chakras are energetic centres that govern different areas of our mind, body and emotions. So, if you are feeling out of sync or you have discomfort in a certain area then follow the guidance in the Yoga Smoothie Adventure and see the changes.

This picture gives you an idea of the locations of the 7 chakras. By balancing these 7 areas of your life you will feel harmonised, grounded and running at optimum levels.

Its a very in-depth subject so if it resonates you I urge to study it further as its fascinating. You can choose to take a light-hearted approach or go deep into the subject and learn all about the mantras and yantras associated with them. I've found it a fun subject to study. There are some incredibly powerful practices associated with the chakras, so don't write it off as too esoteric just yet.

My favourite book on the subject is called Wheels of Life. This book goes into such depth on each chakra giving you ways to enhance them, associated sounds, meaning and exercises.

I've started a little Yoga Smoothie Adventure starting with the base chakra. It's a fun exploration into each chakra and what exercises, smoothies and recipes you can use to enhance each one. It's just for fun so have a go.