>Being still isn't easy today

>This morning I did a sequence from Judith Hanson Lasater's book Relax & Renew, I chose the chapter on breathing difficulties as I've got a bit of a cold and wanted help to find my breath again.

My props were a bolster, a couple of towels (as I didn't have enough blankets), a blanket, and an eye pillow.

Normally I practice a much more energetic style of asana but this morning I took the time to read the chapter, set myself up with the props as guided in the book and lay in each pose for the allotted time (between 5-10 mins) and I found it so challenging!!! Not physically but mentally, I wanted to rush through it all and get the benefits without actually lying there doing the time. Hmm what does this say about my state of mind at the moment? Yep, its too busy, I'm trying to rush through everything without actually being present. So that's my work at the moment, to take it slower, feel each breath and pose and to be more present in my daily life instead of being distracted every 5 minutes.

Maybe we could all take something out of this book and take time to go a bit slower...