Be kind - Pass it on

IMG_0931I feel sick and saddened at what has happened in Connecticut. I'm not taking any gravitas away from all the other bad things that are happening in the world. But today, as a mother, I feel sick at the amount of pain that needless act of violence has just caused and it brings tears to my eyes and gives me a heavy heart.

Sending so much love to those affected.

Something positive has to come from this.

Look into your community and see who might need your help and support. I can only imagine that the man that committed this act must have either been seriously ill mentally or maltreated so badly that his anger could not contain itself.

Whatever the reason he clearly needed some more support from somewhere.

Smile at a stranger, do an act of charity, helping someone that may not be able to repay you. Just do something nice today. You have no idea how much it may mean to someone and how you could change them.

How we all act towards each other has a knock on effect.

And those of you that judge what I have to say, why don't you save it for today and take that energy to do something nice for yourself.