How not to OD on yoga

I mentioned the other day on my Facebook page that I feel like I've OD'd on yoga and social media.

It got quite a wonderful response and it was beautiful to see the support and love that poured out for the people that commented below it.

I may have OD'd on social media yoga recently but my body still craves the asana. I'm not talking loads, slow, steady and held poses. 

Today I did simple side stretches, downward dog adding in side stretches there (yes some looked like I was a dog peeing up a tree) and then hung upside down in rag doll.

That was it. That was enough. Although my body always wants more. 

Recently I've neglected my practice, I've been drinking more alcohol than I normally do and eating lots of chocolate. I'm trying to numb out the pain of losing a friend. I'm trying to run away from the hurt and reminder of how we are only here for a short time. I'm running away. But I don't like it so today was the day I had to get back on my mat. 

So you see, being a yoga teacher doesn't mean being perfect, we still have all the shit everyone else does. Just so you know. 

I guess in my recent judge mind state I've let the social media side of things get to me. I've felt exhausted by looking at it (NY story). 

But I would say to those interested in trying yoga please don't let the stuff you're seeing intimidate you. There are lots of yoga teachers out there and someone will resonate with you. Those people who are doing what the west perceives as 'advanced poses' are awesome beings and have worked through some shit to get upside down and build strength and do what they do. 

Sitting and breathing is just as powerful. It's about committing to yourself, your health, you. And enjoying it along the way. 

Yoga is about so much more than the poses, I find it hard to put into words the effects it has had on my life. Yeah it opened a can of worms, but good ones, it's helped me deal with my mum dying, the worst thing that's ever happened to me. 

Funnily enough I've turned away from it recently when my friend died. It's made me question a lot. I started focusing on socialising more, moving less and turning my back on the thing that I love because it hurt to confront those feelings again. 

And what's happened? I feel heavy, cynical, tired, disillusioned, frankly I feel rubbish. 

This happens from time to time. And that's my reminder to get back on my mat and move, in a slow tender loving way. Not to achieve anything, just to be. To breathe, to feel, to honour. 

Believe me there's a lot of resistance about getting on my mat, yes even as a teacher. Sometimes it's a raging battle and I win or I lose.

Here's a short practice that's simple, accessible and made just for you. With love.