Cleaning up my act

 I wrote this post on my Facebook page almost 2 months ago. 

"This is what too much stress did to me. Pic top left is the day I got confirmation that my adrenals are exhausted. Pic bottom left is a week later when I had followed the diet of no wheat, sugar, caffeine and dairy had done. Plus herbal medicines. And an order to rest. Cut to the third pic on the right, two weeks later. Amazing how quickly the body responded. Thank you.:

July Update

I'm still on the herbal medicine but the sugar thing - wow that is a hard one to crack. In fact, I hear it is like crack - addictive! Anyway the thing is I'm now 80% sugar free, most of the time. If a wedding or birthday comes along then boom, Im out of restricting myself. Life is for living for goodness sakes and I'm not saying to to joining in. 

Overall I do feel so much better. I think giving up the killer commute for a London job was a big factor in lowering stress levels. Now, I take my time to wake up in the morning, I enjoy walking my dog, having a morning with my daughter before she goes to nursery and then I focus on my stuff. It's a nice balance. Not easy to get to as there are sacrifices but ultimately health and happiness has to be my prime focus. 

What are you struggling with balancing in your life? Let me know and I'll give any advice I have to help.