Do I give up?

I go around in circles sometimes wondering how I'll make 'this' way of life work, the fluctuations of being a yoga teacher and making sure I meet the outgoings I have.

I've been doing this for 11 years now, a merry go round of adaptability, of resourcefulness, of creativity. for me teaching is not a choice, it's a calling. With that calling comes trials and tests, passion and beauty, freedom and flow. Sometimes my inner critic says give up, my ego says you're not good enough (yes, even after 11 years).

And then I'll get a message or an email or a sign that I'm on exactly the right path. Confirmation that I'm following my dharma. The past few days have been tough in the dance of how am I going to make this work. But then I remember to trust, to use my resourcefulness, my creativity. Do what I do and do it with the love and passion that always wins me over when I practice and teach. Meditation is my sanctuary, a way of shedding all the stuff we don't need. Getting clear is the only way.